31 Layers for 31 Years of “Shared Loves”

Do you know Natalie Vishny of Swellegant Events? If you are in the wedding industry, especially in Orange County, California you know she has an energy that can only be described as infectious and generous. This seasoned wedding planner and designer’s approach to me is honest, filled with integrity, a pinch of spice (she adores cooking for others) and giggles – this lady has fun where ever she is and in everything she does. Natalie loves to celebrate the meaningful things in her own life as much as she does for others.

When she asked me to create a painting to give her husband for their 27th wedding anniversary, I was honored beyond words.

My approach was simple, interview Natalie with specific questions about what she loves and appreciates about Vish. When she invited me to their home to get a feel for their style and life – that’s when the magic happened. I got to meet Vish and he let me ask him about Natalie. It was unplanned, organic and natural – like we’ve known each other for years. He was so open. I was a sponge. I took furious notes asking him the same questions I asked Natalie about what he loved and appreciated about her.

Imagine my delight to have both halves of the whole together to give me a complete picture of their love story. I was in heaven because their words guided me on how to visually connect their words, their life long adventure together.

Here’s how their “Shared Loves” of 31 layers for 31 years came together –Commemory-Vishny-1

His side is blue for his love of the color – he wears a blue shirt nearly every day.
Her side is red for her passion in everything she does

Commemory-Vishny-2 Commemory-Vishny-3I selected sheet music for the first layer of his side for his love of the blues and natural flower paper for her side for her love art and nature.

Commemory-Vishny-4Natalie gave me a love note she wrote her husband and a love note he wrote her that I balanced out on each of their ‘sides”

Commemory-Vishny-5 Commemory-Vishny-6

A look at some of the words and phrases – everything she said about him I placed on his blue side, and the things he said about her on her red side.
Their colors are connected by 5 circles representing their family; Natalie, Vish and their 3 kids


This is Natalie’s circle – I love that the word ‘family’ happened to land on it
because she is the center of her family.

Photography | Frank Salas Photography

Which textured memories do you treasure?

About commemoryfineart

I am an artist passionate about helping people share their textured memories on canvas as beautiful decor for their homes, offices and a legacy for their families. Reach me any time to help you get started at 714.305.1915.
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