Mom Was with Us on Our Day and Always

Knowing love begins with our parents. Brendan’s mom was both. To him, she was the most important person in his life. Before she passed away, Edna met his love Lydia and told him she was so glad he met “her” – knowing she was the one after dating just a few weeks.

It was important to Lydia to have Edna’s love and support at their wedding for Brendan this past August at La Venta Inn. They had a table dedicated to her that embodied her spirit and love of sunflowers.

At first Lydia wanted to surprise Brendan with a painting dedicated to Edna. But she thought it was more important to have him be a part of the creative process, giving the painting event more meaning for him.

I can’t tell you how special it was for me to be able to create this for Lydia and Brendan. Celebrating the life of such an independent and strong woman who had an impact on so many people’s lives with her warmth and love at Lydia and Brendan’s wedding, forever in their home –


The spiritual meaning of the sunflower symbolizing Edna, “Sunflowers are a symbol of strength and love. Of the sun and light. To always turn her face to the sun, she is a symbol of faith. The sunflower is in a constant search for light or enlightenment.”

Commemory-Edna-2A strong, independent woman, Edna raised her 4 kids in the home she fought to purchase Redondo Beach. The sunflower is in the foreground of Redondo Beach

2014-10-25_0001Edna’s love of sunflowers – the focal point is her, as a sunflower Commemory-Edna-4


As an opera singer earlier in her career, I transformed the album label she recorded into the center of the sunflower



Edna had a memorial brick made at the Redondo Beach walkway, inscribed with her kids Commemory-Edna-6Important places Edna traveled, her accomplishments on the petals of the sunflower – travel, 96 countries, Ecuador, Latin, New York, Juilliard, Hunter College, opera singer, teacher, principal, superintendent, educator. Spanish, English, French, Italian, the actual album cover, an academic.

2014-10-25_0002Brendan shared a message to and about his mom I quoted on the painting for him.

Wedding Venue | La Venta Inn
Wedding Designer/Planner | Trina Schmidt Weddings & Special Events
Florist | Shawna Yamamoto Event Design
Wedding Photographer {dedication table} | Christopher Todd Studios
Artwork Photographer | Jessica Elizabeth Photography

Which textured memories do you treasure?


About commemoryfineart

I am an artist passionate about helping people share their textured memories on canvas as beautiful decor for their homes, offices and a legacy for their families. Reach me any time to help you get started at 714.305.1915.
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