Happy 25th Anniversary on 11.12.13

Debbie and Scott have been married for 25 years. They met in college in Washington D.C. and that’s their ‘happy place.’

When Debbie approached me about creating a piece marking their milestone anniversary, she was very specific about the symbolism she wanted me to capture. Here is what she asked for, which I was thrilled to accommodate in my highly personalized, texture-rich style:

– Olive green and deep red to incorporate into their home decor
– The George Washington University logo where they met and went to school
– The National Monument
– The Independence Hall clock tower which was Debbie’s view during their wedding ceremony
– 7:30pm was the time of their ceremony. The second-hand is accented, she remembers focusing on that during the ceremony.
– A love note her husband wrote her and she wrote him specifically for the artwork
– Their kid’s names
– Their favorite George Benson song “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.”

They love to relax under their pergola with a glass of wine in front of their fire pit. You’ll see the deep architectural lines symbolize the pergola and the fire pit flames ignite their love notes.

The artwork is 24″ x 24″ and 88 layers deep.

Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-1 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-2 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-3 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-4 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-5 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-6 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-7 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-8 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-9 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-10 Commemory-Painting-Anniversary-11

Which textured memories do you treasure?


About commemoryfineart

I am an artist passionate about helping people share their textured memories on canvas as beautiful decor for their homes, offices and a legacy for their families. Reach me any time to help you get started at 714.305.1915.
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2 Responses to Happy 25th Anniversary on 11.12.13

  1. We’d say you gave her everything she wanted! Lovely piece.

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