The girl who dared to be ME.

Meet the ‘girl’ who dared to be ME – Melissa Eickhoff. If I had to describe her legacy in a few words, they would be: rugged, girly, quietly powerful, smart and an independent free spirit.

This is a ‘girl’ who didn’t always feel she could be herself. She only recently came to a place where she understood that it is okay to think differently and be different.  She is on a path that is hers and it’s filled with dirt, rubber and heels. This barely scratches the surface of the day in the life of ME, but you’ll get a sense very quickly about why I think she is someone to applaud for following the fun our dreams can give us as an everyday reality.

Hot pink shellac nails and all…to hide the dirt.

If I were to create a painting to commemorate the joy in Melissa’s life right now I might take key symbols, colors and real textures from her life that make ME me. The goal would be to remind Melissa that her uniqueness is contagious and should be laughed from the belly, not a mouth-covered giggle.

You know what will be my legacy, to help other’s share theirs through textured paintings on canvas.  What will be your legacy – how will you be remembered?

If you or someone you know should be applauded for their legacy, please share them with me so I can share them to inspire others.


About commemoryfineart

I am an artist passionate about helping people share their textured memories on canvas as beautiful decor for their homes, offices and a legacy for their families. Reach me any time to help you get started at 714.305.1915.
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4 Responses to The girl who dared to be ME.

  1. melissa eickhoff says:

    Thank you. WOW. You capture people’s spirit so wonderfully…your art is a natural talent. 😉

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    What a great post and tribute to Melissa. You have such a good one when it comes to your art work. Because of that it comes as no surprise that you could translate that same perspective into words.

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