What gets You in the mood?

Getting in the mood can be a state of mind, a sport, a smell, a song, a change in temperature…you get the idea. For many, the change of a season is difficult and hard to let go because 1) you live in a climate that doesn’t change much, 3) the seasons change drastically and you don’t look forward to extreme heat or cold or 3) you love the season you’re in and don’t want it to end.

What gets You in the mood?

Hendrix freshly groomed.

For me, my birthday marks the end of summer, Labor Day weekend. This year it was 100 degrees and impossible to imagine Fall was almost here. I live in southern California so the seasons here are very subtle. Originally from New Jersey, the change in seasons is clear. Most beautifully with the colors of the leaves. So it is important to me to visually make the change in our home.

I decided to make a new tradition and go to my favorite local home decor place, Roger’s Gardens and find one new beautiful item. I chose the black and white floral pumpkin and brought out my favorite Halloween decor…

Ceramic pumpkins from Roger's Gardens.

I popped in my new ‘Autumn Wreath’ Yankee Candle plug-in and put my displays out once the scent filled the air.

Our fireplace seasonal display.

Animated scary spider.

Spooky country door 'wreath.'

Hand-made table quilt from my mother-in-law.

Now that football season is here and the temperature has dropped 30 degrees, I’m perfectly content with summer’s end.

What gets You in the mood?


About commemoryfineart

I am an artist passionate about helping people share their textured memories on canvas as beautiful decor for their homes, offices and a legacy for their families. Reach me any time to help you get started at 714.305.1915.
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2 Responses to What gets You in the mood?

  1. I love that pumpkin, too! I grabbed one last year and am adding to my own display, so hard to choose from so many cool halloween things!

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